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02 May 2017 Weekly offers from Benis Burger and Pizzeria Rainers
   Benis Burgers : order 11 Gel menu: boorito with discount, fries and get 0.5l Pepsi for free    ...
24 Apr 2017 Weekly offers from Taverna Vere and Mugsys Burger
   Taverna Vere: order 2kg pork shank with sausages, pickles, mexican potatoes and special sauces in discounted price...
20 Apr 2017 Weekly offers from Bangkok and Mugsys Burger
   Bangkok : order 4 boxes and get the fifth one for free       Offer...
30 Mar 2017 New additions to Bake House, Shawarma House Nutsubidze, Alchemy, Downtown Catering
    Alchemy: order tasty meals from Alchemy and get sophisticated taste       Downtown...
28 Mar 2017 Weekly offers from Bangkok, Thai Box Fast Food and Mcvadiani
   Mcvadiani offers 6.9Gel menu: Champignon burger, 2 pcs lobiani and 0.5l Pepsi    Bangkok: order...

ONLINE_PAYMENT_METHODS is delivery system of Restaurant Food, Flowers and Drinks Delivery Service in Georgia. You can order food from by the same prices as in Restaurants.

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Address: Tbilisi, Georgia 0179 

Chavchavadze 34,

Telephone: +995 32 2 544 444
Email: [email protected]

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