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Subway.Sandwiches 15cmVeggie Delight 15cmBLT sandwich 15cmHam sandwich 15cmItalian piquant 15cmItalian BMT 15cmTuna 15cmChicken teriyaki 15cmSteak and cheese 15cmBBQ Chicken 15cmMango chicken tikka 15cmSteak House Melt 15cmChicken strips 15cmPizza picante 15cmBBQ ribs 15cmBig beef melt 15cmChili tuna 15cmCheese and onion 15cmSpicy vegan 15cmBeetroot patty 15cmHummus sub 15cmEgg and cheese 15cmEgg and bacon 15cmEgg and ham 15cmSandwiches 30cmVeggie Delight 30cmBLT 30cmHam sandwich 30cmItalian piquant 30cmItalian BMT 30cmTuna 30cmChicken teriyaki 30cmSteak and cheese 30cmBBQ chicken 30cmSteak House melt 30cmChicken strips 30cmMango chicken tikka 30cmPizza picante 30cmBBQ ribs 30cmBig beef melt 30cmChili tuna 30cmCheese and onion 30cmBeetroot patty 30cmHummus sub 30cmEgg and cheese 30cmEgg and bacon 30cmEgg and ham 30cmSpecial wrapsChicken caesar wrapWrap with vegan cutletWrap with steak and cheeseSaladsVeggie delight saladSalad BLTSalad hamItalian piquant saladSalad Italian BMTTuna saladChicken teriyaki saladSalad with steak and cheeseSalad Chicken BBQSteak House Melt saladChicken caesar saladGreek saladSide saladSnacksVeggie quesadilla 2pcsVeggie quesadilla 4pcsChicken quesadilla 2pcsChicken quesadilla 4pcsMusli bread with melted cheeseMusli Bread with cuucmberMusli Bread with melted cheese and tomatoRusk 1pcRusks 3pcsRusks 12pcsLays ClassicLays with pepperDorritos ClassicSoft drinksPepsi 0.5lPepsi Light 0.5l7 UP 0.5lWater 0.5lHot drinksCoffee AmericanoCoffee espressoCoffee CapuccinoCoffee LatteCaramel LatteAlmond LatteSeasonal LatteTea American

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Minimum order is 10 GEL

Minimum order is 10 GEL

Special wraps
Chicken caesar wrap
#47 Chicken caesar wrap
Special wrap with spinach, chicken strips, shredded mozzarella and red cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and caesar sauce.
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13.90 GEL

Wrap with vegan cutlet
#48 Wrap with vegan cutlet
Special wrap with tomato, vegan cutlet, shredded mozzarella andres cheddar cheese, avocado, lettuce, tomato, red bell pepper, pickle, red onion sauce.
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14.90 GEL

Wrap with steak and cheese
#49 Wrap with steak and cheese
Special wrap with tomato, steak, shredded mozzarella and red cheddar cheese, avocado, lettuce, tomato, green bell pepper, onion, jalapeno, chipotle and sauce vet sauce.
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17.90 GEL

Soft drinks
7 UP 0.5l
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3.45 GEL

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