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Beer House.BeerKasri 1lKasri 5l Herzog 1lArgo 1lIcy 1lIcy 5l Bavaria 1lBavaria 5l Black lion 1lBlack lion 5lBeer Tanki 1lStaropramen 1lStaropramen 5l Beer Imaskeni unfiltered 2LBeer Imaskeni unfiltered 0.750LBeer Imaskeni unfiltered 0.500LDraught Beer Tank 1LAlcoholic DrinksWhiskey RumbiWine Rkatsiteli European 1LVodka AbsolutVodka Stolichnaya 1LVodka Stolichnaya 0.700LVodka Stolichnaya 0.500LSarajishvili XOSarajishvili VSOPSarajishvili New YearJack Daniels 1LJim Beam 1LJim Beam 0.700LJameson 1LJameson 0.700Champagne Maestro ChipsPringlesLaysLaysLaysBruschetteDoritosDoritosMenuFish ChebakiShank (medium)Shank (large)Fish MackerelSausage Vake SpecialVake Frankfurt Drinks
Beer House

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10:00 - 23:00
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Beer House

Minimum order is 15 Gel

Minimum order is 15 Gel

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